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Southend Airport x 3

Southend Airport, Southend-on-Sea, SS2 6YF

We have three kiosks at Southend Airport. The first two kiosks are located in the airside (departures) section of the airport - these are next to located next to Dixons Travel. Our third kiosk is located landside (arrivals) next to WHSmiths. Opening hours are as per the airport.

Exchange leftover foreign coins and notes at competitive rates.
No hidden fees or commissions.

Fourex Kiosk

exchange notes AND coins

Coin Funnel

exchange pre-euro and out-of-circulation currency

Tick tock

get cash paid in either pounds, euros or dollars

Freddy loves cash

competitive rates, no commission, no fees

  coins notes
Switzerland 2.221 1.523
Japan 458.207 190.920
Canada 3.493 2.096
Europe 1.468 1.321
United States of America 1.737 1.598
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How does Fourex work?

Fourex is money exchange made easy. Mixed coins and notes are simply dumped into the kiosk, and the machine uses its high speed technology to identify, evaluate and exchange each and every coin or note. The kiosks accept coins and notes from over 150 currencies, as well as money from the old European currencies. (Deutschmarks, Pesetas, Schillings, etc). Local UK coins can also be converted into cash. You can choose to exchange your money directly into either pounds, euros or dollars.

Do you charge commissions or fees?

Fourex makes a profit on the difference between the buy and sell spread, however we do not charge any hidden fees or commissions.

How competitive are your exchange rates?

We pride ourselves on having some of the most competitive exchange rates in the market. Our exchange rates are competitive because we do not have large branches with big overheads and staff costs and so are able to pass on these savings to you. Please use our currency calculator to calculate how much your money is worth.